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We strive for perfection and 110% customer satisfaction. If there is something not in stock, we will get it for you as soon as possible.

We are world renowned for our efforts in the BBQ scene with arguably the largest trophy cabinet of first place finishes in the BBQ scene in Australia thanks to our amazing teams that we work with, we have been supplying the worlds best teams and individuals for several years including Boars Night Out (USA CHAMPIONS) The wicked Pig (USA WORLD STEAK CHAMPIONS) Butchers Axe BBQ (Australian champions 2019) Smokeface Grillahs (2018 Australian runner up and winner of the biggest competition in the southern hemisphere) including Multiple Grand championship winning teams in Australia including the above and Devine swine BBQ, Bison BBQ and Big Smoke BBQ.

We have a large stable of local teams that source there meat from us for competing and we are heavily invested in the BBQ scene for new competitions that we sanction ourself to bring people into the scene along with classes focused on home cooks and competition BBQ. We Supply most of Victoria with a large range of branded beef/pork/ lamb focused on BBQ including Brisket, short ribs, tri tips, rump caps, pork ribs, Boston butts, lamb shoulders, lamb racks and every rub and sauce that you will need to bring it all together.

Our store beef is top quality grass fed and hormone-free and is sourced directly from farmers in the Gippsland area. We use chemical and hormone free La lonica chicken, so you can rest assured in these trusted brands. Our lambs are sourced all over the western districts of Victoria to South Australia from Ballarat to Mt Gambier. These lambs are world renowned for there flavour and breeding.

All our pork is Australian sourced in Victoria from the Corowa region on the border of New South Wales, Hampshire cross pigs are our breed of choice for their flavour and tenderness cannot be matched with our experience. All our pork products, including small goods are from female pigs that have been grown and cared for by true blue aussie farmers and cured and smoked in our store.

Along with our paddock to plate meats, we also process our very own award winning state champion sausages, with many flavours to choose from including Texan jalapeño, cheese burger and souvlaki. Our hams, bacon, kabana, ham steaks, pastrami to name a few are also lovingly made with an Australian red gum smoke flavour mixed with various Australian fruit woods including apple and cherry wood and come in many sizes, either on the bone or boneless and can be sliced in store upon request.

We have our very own brand of kabana which is absolutely delicious! and comes in five different flavours. Here at Kelly’s Meats we specialise in everything and that’s why we proudly call ourselves the ‘meat specialists’.

  Luke Nagel